About The Project

The construction sector is consistently reporting skills shortages and a relatively low attractiveness towards young people, despite its increased use of apprenticeships as a training path. The dropout rate of apprenticeships is relatively higher than that of other sectors. One of the key challenges identified and associated with these issues is that apprenticeship mentors in the construction sector often lack themselves modern digital skills required to match the sector’s and young workers’ expectations and requirements. Construction apprenticeship mentors appear reluctant to introduce new digital methods during their teaching practices, and sometimes also find that their role as trainers is not specified well enough to allow for such approaches. It is thus essential to develop professional development opportunities of high quality, and to train workplace mentors on how to introduce new digital methods and innovative content during their teaching practices, in order to make training effective, address misalignments between VET offerings, skills demand & learners’ realities.


CONDAP delivers the following Intellectual Outputs:

O1: Evidence based learning outcomes (Output Leader: INSTRUCTUS)

O2: CONDAP learning units and training methodology for mentors as trainers (Output Leader: VSRC)

O3: CONDAP Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC) (Output Leader: EXELIA)

O4: Framework for the validation and systematic use of CONDAP learning materials (Output Leader: EBC)

The project comprises of the following expected results:

  • Analysis of training requirements of workplace mentors in construction apprenticeships.
  • Development of learning outcomes for mentors’ professional development and upskilling with digital skills and innovative teaching practices.
  • Development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) learning units teaching methodology for in-company mentors in construction apprenticeships.
  • Creation of pedagogical materials to be offered as Open Education Resources (OERs).
  • Development, testing, and delivery of learning materials and the Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC) infrastructures on the digital skills and competences of in-company mentors.
  • A road-map for the systematic integration of CONDAP learning outcomes into VET.
  • Development of Memorandum of Cooperation to support the enhancement of the digital skills of mentors in construction apprenticeships and to establish a relevant EU strategic partnership.
  • Running 2 demonstration workshops & 3 information days to promote project results and validate educational resources.