CONDAP Kick-Off Meeting

CONDAP Project was successfully launched with kick off meeting on 3rd and 4th October 2018. The meeting was hosted at Instructus office in Kettering, UK. With exception of UPV (Spain) all country partners were in attendance where they all made introductory presentations, discussed the work plan and set important milestones for the project management.

This partnership aims to ensure that construction mentors’ technological skills and competences are up to highest standards. To enable workplace mentors to fully embrace and contribute to the improvement of the quality of apprenticeships through digital tools, the project will develop 4 axes:

  • analysis of the needs regarding mentors’ digital skills in the construction sector
  • elaboration of a train-the-trainers learning outcomes and curriculum
  • creation of free and easy-to-access online methods and tools for construction mentors
  • validation of these tools thanks to pilot tests and information events.